Probably one of the most difficult “behaviour” dogs develop which can make taking them for a walk a complete nightmare to the point that their owner no longer wishes to take them and this, in turn, creates more problems at home. That is known as the “reactive” dog……..

Whether your dog is fearful or aggressive there are times they find themselves in a situation that they find hard to deal with. This will then manifest itself in many ways from lunging towards or away from the situation in a typical “fight or flight” situation. Most of the times this behaviour is considered to be an aggressive reaction but the fearful nature of a dog can make them react in a very similar way simply because they are afraid but feel they need to behave as if they are not afraid.

It is not a quick fix but in many cases, you can make big improvements. With the help and guidance Sharon can give the owners the necessary confidence, and tools to help deal with the reactions so that both dog and owner can go back to enjoying walking and exercising their dogs without these unpleasant outbursts. Dogs do need exercise – both physically and mentally – else they get bored and more often or not find their own entertainment which their owner doesn’t want such as noise, destruction, damage etc. Dogs are individuals and as such, there is rarely a one method fix so each dog is individually assessed, training methods discussed and demonstrated and a plan is put into place with help and guidance.

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